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At Raise Agriculture, we believe every farm is unique as its owners – Thats why we created services that suit your needs. If you are unsure which service is right for your farm, reach out to our expert team for a FREE initial consultation.


Nitrate Management
80 per hectare
  • Drone Monitoring
    Heatmap Generation
    Nitrate Suggestions
    Detailed Report
  • RGB Analysis
    Nitrate Content Analysis
    Detailed GPS Location

    ➡️ Save time planning
    ➡️ Save nitrate and keep
    your soil healthy
  • Additional analysis starting from 50


Pest & Weed detection
100 per hectare
  • Basic Package +
    Fertilizer Management
    Pest & Weed Identification
    Mapping of Stress Zones
  • Pest Analysis
    Detailed GPS Locations
    Interactive Report

    ➡️ Early detction of pests and diseases
    ➡️ Treat early to prevent losses
  • Additional analysis starting from 25


Full Service
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  • Advanced Package +
    Satellite data integration

    weekly updates

    Additional Datastream Integration
  • ➡️ Digitalize Agriculture in one place
    ➡️ Receive detailed Information
    ➡️ Receive Expert Treatment Suggestions

  • Price on Request

Not sure which is the right service for you?

Call our expert team and get free initial consulting for your farm.

Not sure if you can fly Drone in your farm?

No problem, we have a free Service helping you to figure out if your Farm is applicable for Drone Servicing.

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